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MoVing back to blogspot!

hello everyone!!! im not sure if i still have any reader here... but still ... im moving back to blogspot=)


thanks for following me around .. !=)

its Year end again~!


Its been sucha a long time since i update this space. im not a very pro lj user, still facing problems uploading pictures, the server tks a century to upload 1 foto and tks forever to complete an album. might consider switching it back to blogspot so i can continue blogging to keep up this lil e diary of mine.=) well that kind of makes up 1 of my resolution for 2012? lol

well.. 2011 wasnt exactly an accomplished or exciting year for me but im thankful that all my love ones were safe and healthy =) other than flying ard the world, and continuing earning , spending and saving my moolahs, i manage to squeeze in time for more holidays. first was a bdae+anniversary trip to tioman with the boy, then its was to bangkok with love n family, and then a long awaited holiday trip to taiwan with my family.. =D i guess this 3 trips marked the highlight of my 2011. hahaha.. such a simple girl LOL. 

other than holidays, ive got 2 wonderful kitties that came into my life. my first love miumiu !! and orling the notti boy... both of their character were totally opposite and yet they were so loving and cute!! omg=)

relationship wise. we r into our 2nd yr tgt=) although we are not as honeymoon as ever *HAHAHAHAHA* but i guess we understand each other even better.. there are times when we go thru quarrels and uncertainties,  with me being away from home, didnt make things better..but still we give in and talk things out.. i can say we are more loving and sure of what we want in our rship. that is to work harder and save up for our house and wedding=)moving on to another stage of our rship and grow old tgt=)))

with, 2012 coming, other than setting resolutions that seems impossible * ex: quit shopping, or shop lesss* to accomplish, i jus wish that my 2012, i can spend more time with my love ones and stay healthy=)



Let's welcome ORLING!!!

New member joining our family!!! His name is..... ORLING!!!!! Aka orange... Yes! ORLING JU that ORLING hahahha!!! Uber cute lil furball:))) 2 mths old and his a pure bred Persian:) our lil miu miu still hvent adapt to his presence, hissing n growling at orling whenever he comes near:( but I think very soon they will be the best play mate on earth:))

My princess with her new cage!!!

And where got ppl like tt slp one!!


Watching them eat,sleep, play and grow up is one of the most beautiful and wonderful experience ever... I'm very attach to miu miu now that I shower more attention n love to her whenever I see her being angry and upset with ORLING. Jealous la this cat.. Hahah so cute!

Flyin off to Taipei in awhile.. This time is for holiday!!! Yeah:)))

Oh and my dear boy.. I think I left smth in ur rm.. You might wan to search for it? ;)


I love you, miu miu and orling baby:))))

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Finally! some pictures!

one of our free stay at quincy!!!=)))

one of our ktv sessions at teo heng!! HAHAHA!

girlies meet up in town !! <3

jus got back from my 1 week break to bangkok with bf and his family!! shop eat massage and drink=))) and here i am in brisbane blogging down this entry before i fly home!  time to work and fill up the big hole in my pocket before i go for my taiwan holiday next mth with my family!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really cant wait!! its been so long since i go on a holiday with my parents. we used to do that every year until i started working=(  they jus go holiday on their own without me...boo hooo... but i noe they enjoyed all their trip because i paid for it everytime LOL.  knss... but seeing them happy n enjoying themselves im happy too!!!  so now, jus looking fwd to that trip  muahaha!

will be back posting up more fotos from bangkok soon~!!
currently meditating in ahmedabad and im finally flying back home tml night. so many nights here and its only me, the laptp, the tv and the 4 walls. the only time when i open my mouth to talk is when im on skype, and ytd at the buffet breakfast with colleagues. not like other stations, which i get to go to the mall, buy some stuff, get some food or jus sit down have a coffe and ppl-watch.

this is a lonely job. other than having dinner in hongkong, breakfast in frisco, shopping in milan, hi-tea in paris kind of lifestyle, theres really nth much to look fwd to. i guess after flying for more than 3 yrs you kind of lose the passion to fly... lose the enthusiasm to explore each place you go.. it all becomes a routine. you touch down this place, you go to the shop you always visit to buy food and buy things then you go back slp n prepare for work the next day.. you dun have much frens because they are all colleagues which u work with this flight and the next flight you work with another set.. you may join them for sightsee or shopping, take nice foto and talks about everything under the sun but the next time you see them, it will probably be on another flight which might be a yr later.. its all tt kind of hi-bye frens..jus like now.. when i feel like shit and needed a fren to talk to theres no one i can turn to.. they are not on the msn, not online, not  anywhere ard me... and it doesnt help when each time a couples quarrel the other party will bring up the same issue and nitpick about ur job..

have anyone ever put themself in my shoe? i duno... im jus being emotional.. and maybe selfish..


Buffet at traders hotel on sunday night!=D


few weeks back, i was still clueless about celebrating my bdae. was thinking of gathering a few frens for a simple dinner or a steamboat session with the family. but all my frens are either flying, away for vacation, not free or working... and to make things worst, the bf said he had nothing in mind..=( and he say no money for present!!!! and he every night very free can slp so early and go shopping for his own clothes!! and i dun see any scissor, scotchtape, glue, foto or card in his rm!!! no make bdae card for me!! felt uber disappointed....

but he did ask me out for an advance bdae celebration on friday night, since my bdae falls on a monday and he will be working on tt day.  so on friday..... smth fishy happened... rena whatsapp me and said '' happy bdae! sorry wasnt able to make it tonight.''  im like... tonight??? shortly after tt, i called my brother cos my niece wanted to talk to him, and he asked me on the phone, '' so jasper say tonight go where?" im like tonight???again??? what???? so being puzzled , i called and asked the bf. HAHAH who noes kena kan by him and he said he not so free to organise n gather everyone. why i keep thiking he will do it for me.  ok lor... .....

so that night,  my mum duno why dressed up so nicely , come to my room choose which belt to use and even used her only-ppl-wedding-or-chi-new-yr-den-use LV bag.. all dressed up like this she tell me shes jus sending my niece home den go lomantic with my father.. LIKE HUH??? so out of the norm leh!!  ok nvm...  very fishy but still unable to link my family and frens up in a bdae party.. like weird right? oso not 21st bdae... so i jus guess probably a surprise family dinner somewhere...

went ahead to dress up and called for a cab to meet the boy at his workplace.. orchard parade hotel. on my way there, i still whatsapp my fjjlb n see any of them in town.. earlier on they still asked me to go buy mooncake with them... BUT!!!... all of them can get RED STAR AWARD LOR! ACTING V GD! hahaha.... so after i met him he covered my eye with his smelly tie.. and bring me down the stair say got short cut to taxi stand.. i still gong gong believe him !!!!!and when i opened my eyes... WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... my mum holding bdae cakes.. my frens throwing balloons at me... everyone singing bdae song!!!!! super touched and burst into tears.... felt soooooo happy and surprise at that moment.. like huh???? WEILI I TOT U GO BUY MOONCAKE?? ALI I TOT U SEND FOOD TO AH MUMU... EH HUIXIN WHY U HERE??? AND MY FAMILY ALL HERE??? RENA TOT U NOT COMING?? AND THE SEETS FAMILY!!?? omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

my lovely boy gathered everyone and book a K suite for me!!!!=))))) no words can describe how happy how touch and how xin fu i am tt night... this boy go thru so much trouble to msg all my frens.. and plan this bdae surprise.. i bet he mus be feeling damn kan chiong n pissed off when i almost ruin his surprise. HAHAHAHAH!

this bdae was full of surprises and more surprises... all thanks to him, my frens and my family=)) seeing all of u get along so well..i felt like the happiest girl in the world being showered with all your love=))))

baby, thanks for planning everything and goin thru so much trouble and spending so much... =)  it time to save up for our honeymoon and wedding.... OPPS!!! hahahah... i love you sweetheart....

and all my frens... thank you for celebrating with me .. love you allll~!!!

and my family.... nowadays noe how to spring up surprise and gang up with the bf to bluff me ar!!!!!! hahahah still love u all!!!!

<3 a happy 23rd... thanks everyone!

its US~!

looking forward to every weekend spent tgt, even if its jus a simple dine out, or a lazy-stay-at-home-do-nth day, it will always be full of laughter and nonsense. i duno how we manage to do that , but we jus got endless of crap to say and tonnes of nonsense things to do. HAHA.. especially when we got miu miu now... she kind of spices up our life.. we can jus stay home whole day and play with her and watch her run about, bath her and slp tgt... its not 2 of us, its 3 of us now!=)  and this coming weekend will be our first time leaving her for a 3 days trip to tioman... gona miss her!! but im sure we will have a super gd time there!! looking forward to the trip!! woooooooooo~!=)

i love u my baby!!=)

too lazy for too long~!

being too lazy for too long~

tonnes of backdated pics, gona take my time to upload them soon=) been procrastinating/slacking/nuaing, whatever u call that for the past few weeks. other than work, all i did was eat, slp, shop, play and keeping myself busying with dramas. HAHA. completed 3 dramas, hongkong taiwan and thailand! gota say my favourite is the thailand drama. its called, A HUMAN'S VALUE. my very first time watching thai drama and i got hooked! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!=) you can watch it on FUNSHION!

by the time i post this tanning fotos, im turning fair again. duh. cant stand a sight of fairness on my skin. super duper hate being fair and white, look so damn unhealthy and sick...................  =( the sun was scorching hot that day and so we got a great tan!! alongside with a ice cold beer, felt so relaxed at that moment. lifes good...<3

popped by hongkong for a few nights, had my craving for dim sum and xu lau shan fixed!! all the yummeh goodies and great shopping! i was lucky enough to be there for their SUMMER SALES, and of cos, my money was spent tillll.... not a single cent of HKD left. HAHAHHAHAHAAH. im glad i din spend much in san francisco, if not my allowance will POK AR! HAHAHAHAH

heading off to athen this coming week.. its my very first time and i hope it will be great fun!=) PRAY HARD i meet a nice and steady set of crew to go sightsee with me!! WOOHOO~!

i miss home..

oh god.. this trip is extremely draggy and boring. im currently in LA , flying back japan in awhile. first time in LA for work, been here few yrs back for holiday, always love US for thier ppl, shopping and food=) but this trip, im kinda an anti- social.. didnt join anyone for sightsee, shopping or even meals.. guess when you fly for sometime you just get sick of doin these routine stuff? i wld rather sightsee, shop and eat with my loved ones or my frens. haiiii.... im counting down to the end of this trip.. cant wait to be home...=(


and i still got to work back...oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..............

give me a break......

i need a break.....


Off days in sg!=)

off days in singapore were lovely!!! catch up with frens, family and love ones=D

alil celebration at TGIF with my boy for his new job!=D yeahhh!!! 1  step fwd to my tai tai life AHAHAHAHAH!!!

head over to starbuck for a lil chillax session with my fjjlb! and we brought miumiu along!!! hahaha. she sure is a chillax cat! drink starbuck somemore. SO CUTE!!!

met up with rachel for consecutive 2 days!! lunchies session turns out to be a great catching up and gossiping session HAHAHA. even drag her to watson and intro her all the gd stuff im using!! HAHAH end up she even signed up as member LOL.

gona fly off for another 8 days again. =(

gona miss everyone and pls dun forget me. i will be back and embrace my 4 off days again!!!! hugsssssssssssssssss!!!!

and to my boy...... i will work hard with you !!! and i will rmb our PASSIVE income when i shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha... i will save money!!! WOOO!!!! hugs baby!=)